A Wellness Company opening a country office in Ghana is currently looking for a seasoned and respected Networker (MLM Expert) to lead the Ghana front of the Business as Independent Business Affiliate.

The key responsibilities of the successful candidate includes but not limited to raising other distributors by Region, District, and other local settings in the host country. This will help the company reach a wider clientele and create a community of users for their groundbreaking health food supplements.

The Ideal Distributor will elect to lead training sessions and provide field leadership for the Affiliates. He/She becomes the number one Affiliate of the company, hence First Distributor in Ghana. All these are adequately compensated as enshrined in the Com-plan.

A bonus to this is a car the company wants to open the Ghana office formally with and the First Distributor will definitely be part. In addition, the First Distributor will earn $1 on every product sold in the respective country for one-year. $1 ➡️ ¢7. For this reason, the company seeks a man or woman of great substance and Great prudence for this journey.

Insterested? Call/WhatsApp: +233 243568744/ +233 208959432
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