Can you think of a food more widely loved across the world than rice? It is regarded by many as the most versatile, adaptable, and historically significant agricultural product of all time. Rice is more than a dietary staple for cultures, both ancient and modern – it is the nourishing lifeforce responsible for building and sustaining the great civilizations of the world.

Known in the scientific community as Oryza Sativa, cultivated rice has more than 40,000 varieties found in nearly every corner of the earth, according to the United Kingdom’s Rice Association. This means it would take almost 110 YEARS to try them all if you had a different type every night for dinner! Much love for anyone committed enough to their love of rice to that challenge.

Ghana experienced a rapid dietary shift to rice, particularly in the urban centres, during the early post-independence period (starting 1957). The trend was attributed to increased income, favourable government pricing policies, good storability of rice and ease of cooking (Nyanteng, 1987).

Rice policies

The main thrust of government policies for increased rice production under the Medium-Term Agricultural Development Programme include: i) the exploitation of the vast lands of the inland valleys and swamps (see Figure); ii) a reduced emphasis on conventional irrigation schemes; and iii) increased research and technology transfer aimed at an efficient utilization of agricultural inputs.

What must I do?

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